Went to a gallery today & found a few Basquiat’s, naturally seeing how he is my favorite artist of all time. I was so enthralled from being in the presence of his work, I just kinda stood for a second then starting view “Leg of a dog” in serious detail. Looking at the movement of line work & paying close attention to the words randomly thrown in the piece. Very creative & mind questioning piece….I moved on to “Three different conditions of a bicep” & “Original First Edition Anatomy Prints”.

Okay, they were all amazzzzinggggg & unlike all the other art in the gallery, the Basquiat’s did not have a price. I wondered if they were already sold or what the deal was….

"Excuse me sir, I have never been here before and I’m wondering why some pieces have prices and others don"t?"

"Well miss, the one’s without the price are over $10,000."

At that moment, I wanted to see more! But the second 1/2 of the gallery was closed which had three more Basquiat’s. 

But really I was so taking back by the fact that Jean Michel himself, is not alive to see how much of a success he has become. Young, black, poor guy turned into one of the world most famous artist. Not just his work but the crazy, sweet yet unusual character of that guy is truly admired by people around the world. 

Salute to you my man<3

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